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Hi! I'm Topher. I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I'm currently wrapping up my master's degree in elementary education at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I'm probably best known for being the Flag Czar for The Chattahooligans, the independent supporter group for Chattanooga Football Club. I live with my wife, Shaby, daughter, Zari, and her brother, Xavier.

I mostly use as an email server, so don't assume that just because I don't update this page frequently that I'm not using the domain.



As the former Keeper of the Errata for HackMaster (version 4), I created several documents of use to players of that game:

The Errata The final version of the errata.

Character Creation Guide A step-by-step character creation worksheet designed for use in Roll and Run events, but useful for anyone creating a character.

Simple Character Sheet A simple two-page character sheet.

Ultimate Skills, Talents, and Proficiencies Guide complied by Emanuel Nordrum An indispensible tool for selecting skills, talents, and proficiencies for Hackmaster characters.

Social Media

Facebook I generally post family-related stuff here.

Twitter If you follow me, you're likely to find me discussing the woes of American soccer.

Instagram I take some pics that are interesting to me.

Please note: If you send me a request and I cannot figure out who you are, I will very likely ignore or delete it. Send me a message or an email so I know you're not a scammer/spammer.

Other Kersting Sites

Kersting's Cycle Center & Museum A cool motorcycle dealership and museum. I spent far too little time there a few years ago, but I did buy some gear with my name on it.

Bird Medicine and Surgery - Dr. David J. Kersting - St. Louis They seem to do good work. I get the occasional misdirected email for them, but I've never been in contact. If you're looking for them...

Kersting Iluminación Y Energia Si necesita equipos de iluminación en Chile, haga clic aquí.

Kersting & Co. Brasil Se você precisa de um planejador de eventos em São Paulo, clique aqui.